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Point to Point - Point to Multipoint “What sets our implementing team apart.”

Our teams are trained to be flexible and to expect anything when implementing. This training allows our teams to take customer’s instructions pro-actively and implement any last-minute changes with ease.


  • Key element of planning is design. We understand that every solution, especially network related, requires a proper and thorough Design.
  • We evaluate and assess any issues in all provided network designs.
  • We have a highly qualified team of architects which will make sure that the project and solutions are designed to a tee.
  • The team will make sure that evert solution is evaluated on every aspect by design and produce a full structural reporting.


  • Our teams will be accompanied by a solution architect where needed to make sure that your SLAs are met and to make sure that less mistakes are made.
  •  We make sure that we understand the vital aspects of solution coverage, capacity, security and redundancy.
  • We will also consider your existing network and future demands.
  • Our teams will produce a detailed report with each test.


  • We have dedicated, well-trained teams to make sure that your services are implemented within the provided SLA.
  • Our teams will integrate/configure the assigned sites without causing any vulnerability to the data involved.
  • We will help you to excel on your stats due to our teams’s capabilities and coverage.
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