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Radio Frequency Scope of Work

Digivation is committed to provide a SHEQ Framework for the co-ordinated and integrated planning, implementation and review of the commitments and objectives set out in our policies for safety and health, environmental quality.


  • TSS and Planning Surveys Planning
  • Structural Engineering & Design
  • Azimuth Verifications


  • Civils
  • Container Reticulation
  • Tower Rigging
  • RF Installations and Upgrades
  • MW Link Installations & Commissioning
  • Optimization
  • Lithium Li-Ion Battery Installation and Configurations


  • FO (NOC Functions)
  • BO (Performance Management)
  • Preventative Maintenance (Site and Tower)


Key element of planning is design. We understand that every solution, especially network related, require a propert and thorough design.

Our architecture Team define operator’s network requirements and metrics to ensure proper planning. The Team design and produce a full structural reporting.

Target BBU Power Connection
Target BBU Power Connection
Target Antenna Solution
Target Antenna Solution
Target-BBU-CPRI Connection
Target-BBU-CPRI Connection

Site Surveys & Audits

We understand the vital aspects of solution coverage, capacity, security and redundancy. Our Team performs site surveys and audits of sites, performs troubleshooting and undertakes passive and active repair to sites.A detailed report is undertaken with each Test.

Site Design 2
Site Design 2

Site Implementation

We have dedicated, well-trained teams to make sure that network services are implemented within the provided Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our Teams are equipped to install and integrate/configure the assigned sites without causing any vulnerability.